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The game is challenging and the art style and music are engaging. However, I get confused when I press W and S keys because W is mapped to move me down and S is up. This lead to me dying a lot by accidentally running into enemies. The level transition was neat too but I would like to see a more spiritual transition to the next are to help not break me away from the experience. Great work on the attacks and animations, super cute :)

Bugs: after the 4th continue and the scene reset, I lost the ability to control my character.

Thanks for your feedback!

We have fixed the reversed vertical controls. The bug with losing the character is strange and hard to reproduce, it seems to pop up randomly. We will keep an eye out for what might be causing it. Do you remember what you were doing when the level swap occured?

The level transition is not where I lost control but it was after I had died and re entered the first level area. I do not believe i was pressing anything but the enter key to restart the game for the 4th or 5th time.